Women’s Hairstyles for American Smooth and International Standard

Hair styles for Smooth and Standard  are elegant and conservatively restrained whether by lifting up, braiding, French shells, Beam or a bun.

 All these styles are created to show a beautiful neckline while floating down the dance floor.

The hair is fixed into position with lacquer and other techniques that keep the hair in place, negating any chance for a hair-malfunction.

You can always use hair lacquer that will gaurantee that your hair will stay in place for the competition.

Once you hair is in place you can always decorate with ribbons,flowers, feathers, rhinestones and sequins.

 This will give you the crowning look you need to stand out in the crowd. Remember, you can always use hairpieces, hair meshes and other tools that will help you achieve your desired look as well. Either way, you will need to experiment since this is a personal learning process that every dancer goes through.

You can ask your hair dresser if they know anyone that specializes in competition hairstyles as well. There are plenty of pictures on the internet as well that you can take to your hair dresser to use as a template for your new hair style.

Katusha Demidova hairstyle pulled straight back into a bun for professional International Standard Ballroom Competition

This girls hair styles for American Smooth or International Standard Competitions has rhinestones and sequins that are glued to the head. You need to glue the rhinestones to at the very end because if you use varnish over the rhinestones, the shine will degrade.



Edita Daniute Slicked Back Hair Style in a Professional International Standard Ballroom Competition

The most appropriate hairstyle for girls is an ordinary bunch where the the hair is raised up and tied in a neat tail, tail comb, cleaning a hair net, which is fixed by pins and invisible, fixed her hair lacquer. Hair Styles for International Standard Competitions

Women’s Hairstyles for American Rhythm and International Latin

 American Rhythm and International Latin  hairstyles for dance competitions are more sensual looking and have an alluring sexier style than the ballroom styles.

 The options for hairstyles for women can either be long or short, decorated or not but must have a uniform color.

 It is always a good idea to have your hair cut the day before the competition, giving your hair the freshest look,

literally just out of the boutique-look is what you want to present to the judges.

 The competitions are getting tougher so any edge you can achieve will help you move up in ranking before you even start.

 Another nice touch is when hair styles and colors match both partners.  Or having a huge contrast works just the same with one dancer having blond hair and

 the other having dark hair.

 Make sure that you hair is well washed just hours before entering the competition.

 This will help your hair look more alive. You can sprinkle a little lacquer on for shine as long as it doesn’t cause your hair to stick together.

 Make sure to test your hair before the competition by shaking and turning you head fast that will resembled the articulation of dance steps that you will be

performing on the floor.

 You want to make sure that nothing falls out of place.

 Avoid adding heavy decorations on your hair for Latin due to the speed of the moves.

 It is recommended that the last thing you do is to apply glitter on your hair right before the contest since this is the first thing that will come off.

Women’s Hairstyle – American Rhythm or International  Latin
Yulia Zaygoruychenko’s hairstyle – long hair pulled back and gathered
  Joanna Leunis’s hairstyle – straight short and combed back